Installer for version 5.1.2-stable b2evolution

No default time zone is set. Please open PHP.ini and set the value of 'date.timezone' (Example: date.timezone = Europe/Paris) or open /conf/_advanced.php and set the value of $date_default_timezone (Example: $date_default_timezone = 'Europe/Paris';)

Language / Locale

Base configuration

The basic configuration file (/conf/_basic_config.php) has not been created yet. You can do automatically generate it by filling out the form below.

This is the minimum info we need to set up b2evolution on this server:

Database you want to install into

b2evolution stores blog posts, comments, user permissions, etc. in a MySQL database. You must create this database prior to installing b2evolution and provide the access parameters to this database below. If you are not familiar with this, you can ask your hosting provider to create the database for you.

Typically looks like "localhost" or "sql-6" or ""...
Name of the MySQL database you have created on the server
Used by b2evolution to access the MySQL database
Used by b2evolution to access the MySQL database
Additional settings
This is where b2evo and your blogs reside by default. CHECK THIS CAREFULLY or not much will work. If you want to test b2evolution on your local machine, in order for login cookies to work, you MUST use http://localhost/path... Do NOT use your machine's name!
This is used to create your admin account. You will receive notifications for comments on your blog, etc.